Hi Christe, can you tell our readers about yourself and what inspired you to start your blog?

 My name is Christe (pronounced Chris-tee but you'd be surprised how people try to say it!) and I am 28 years old. I work in development at a private school and my husband is in residency to be an orthopedic surgeon. I started Classically Christe somewhere around 4 years ago as a way to share my love for clothes, fashion, DIY projects, and really good deals. Since that time, I have also been able to use it as a place to share my experience of being "married to medicine" with others. If there is one purpose for my blog and Instagram account, it would be to inspire and cheer on other women encountering similar life situations or just looking for someone they can relate to. I don't want to put off the image of a perfect or flawless life. When I post on my social media or interact with my followers, I try to just show that bad things happening doesn't make it a bad life, and I work to be that presence online that doesn't necessarily have it all together but is enjoying herself, staying positive, overcoming obstacles, and doing it all over again the next day.

 How would you describe your blogging style?

 My blogging style is very "stream of consciousness" in nature. I only write or post about the stuff that really matters to me, which means it can feel a little scattered because it isn't shoes or cooking or lifestyle all the time. One day I might write about Andrew going through his residency interviews and the next day I might be sharing a dress I found on Amazon. I'm less concerned with super curated content and more focused on just being myself and sharing the things that really mean something to me, because those are the things that will actually mean something for my followers, too.

 How do you motivate yourself to keep the blog up and running?

 Staying motivated to continue blogging isn't as difficult as finding good, quality time to keep up with it. All of the messages I get and people I've met make this adventure worthwhile. I feel good knowing that I have been able to share with them and help them, but I've also learned so much from others that have joined my community. It's the craziest, coolest thing and as much as social media can get a bad reputation, THIS is the best example of the incredible power it has to bring people together, make connections, and foster family. So cool.

Can you tell us how do you find the best looks on a budget?

The best way to get good deals when you go shopping is to shop a lot. I know it sounds like the worst idea because, intuitively, shopping more will not save you money. This is the way to do it though. The more you walk the aisles, observe price changes, and monitor the market for what you're looking for, the more likely you are to get a good deal. Same goes for online shopping! There have been things that have rotated all around my local TJMaxx before I've pulled the trigger because I was waiting for them to hit their final markdown. Shopping, done correctly, is a lot more strategic than people realize. Anyone can walk into Macy's and buy a Kate Spade purse for $130, but that doesn't make any sense. A good shopper would find that purse, look at the style and compare it to what's trending to determine whether or not it is likely to go on sale, track it down online for a better price, use Ebates and other online couponing sites for discounts, and then finally buy it at its lowest price. There is no reason why saving money should ruin your shopping experience, it should make it more fun!

What are your goals for next year?

This year my main focus is on a healthier life generally. I know this is so vague, but let me break things out a bit for clarity. Of course, there's always room to be more physically healthy and it wouldn't be so bad to get back into running and yoga for the mental benefits either. I want to be financially healthy, which has been something I've poured a lot of work into recently. I don't have any regrets about the dollars I threw at study abroad experiences, Mexico trips, or even purses. All of those things brought me great joy and still do! However, this master's program isn't going to pay for itself, so it's time to get some sense and assess my dollars for real. Also, I'm 28 so that's just a side effect of aging! Finally, I want to be heart-healthy. I want to be healthy in terms of how and where I spend my time. I want to give more of myself to my community to bring others up by working with local nonprofits and our Chamber. I want to make meaningful changes to programs and structures that are meant to support individuals in my area. I want to be patient and kind and generous with myself the way I am with others. Looking at all of this written down is intimidating, but I know I'm on the right track and I have the rest of my life to continue this work!

Classically Christe is my corner of the world where I can be myself no matter what. It is my greatest hope that that is motivating for others and maybe even freeing as well. I don't think I've gone one day without someone making a comment about the way I dress, and, for me, my style is the biggest reflection of who I am. I am who I am unabashedly, but it can be difficult to preserve that individuality when you receive daily and unsolicited critique because you choose to be yourself and not someone else. I hope that the upbeat, creative, light-heartedness of what I'm sharing and doing helps others to feel confident in being themselves. I'm so fortunate to be able to share my life in this way, and knowing that I can help make a difference in someone else's life is the best gift ever.

Classically Christe



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February 25, 2019 — Cecilia Mason

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