Diga Linda Group on Facebook!🌸

🌟Please join the DIGA LINDA GROUP  VIP on Facebook, HERE  I am inviting you to join this group because I will be posting tons of content from the past Azalea Festival (and Green Sale) pictures, videos of clients, vendors and the school from previous festivals the school has done in the past. People love to connect and since this year we are staying at home, this is one essential way to see what's offered in our community!

One thing that I learned from being on TV so much last year, is that you interview others (vendors), give them as much exposure as possible and the customers will appreciate that.

They love when I go with the camera around talking  to vendors asking what their best seller is and see who is selling what so parents can plan their trip to the school! Vendors will also be posting on that group as well, giving interviews etc, so please join us and help us build our community there. 

So join the group and invite people who are part of the Landon/Holton communityAlumni, friends and family who live near or far.  Can you imagine not having to worry about the weather? When it rains, vendors like me know that people won't come visit the booth, but this way it's on rain or shine, how awesome! Imagine inviting someone who lives in another state to participate! Ahhh what a delight that is! Share the good news with your friends and family and I will see you on our VIP group! This is one way we can all help each other and most of all help the school, their programs and the community that we love.❤️

Congratulations to all the seniors at Landon and Holton


April 27, 2020 — Ceci Mason

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