I just updated my humble little online store! Have you seen it?

Hi friends, I just updated my site with pretty designs and beach pictures, please take a look! My name is Ceci Mason, I currently live in Maryland but grew up by the beach in the south of Portugal called "Algarve" where there's good food and 365 days of sun! ☀️

I love anything to do with the ocean and I am obsessed with flowers! I hand paint uplifting designs to bring every woman joy and inspiration. The name Diga Linda which means "Say Beautiful" is inspired by my moms name Clarinda (she is flower obsessed too, lol). Clarinda means (Clara + Linda), bright and beautiful and I infuse that light into all my designs. So grab your drink and take a look at some beauties.

My "Statement" fashion graphic tee designs, are stylish, uplifting and fun. Be ready for some compliments!

If you know anyone who likes hand painted art, the beach or flowers, send them my way or surprise them with a chic hand painted tee that they can wear. 

Another thing I love doing is partnering with other small businesses, by either talking about them or doing giveaways with them. 

You can follow me Facebook @Diga Linda and Instagram @diga_linda for more

I share a lot of painting videos there, so go be part of the fun and join me!

Thank you!

PS: Click HERE to see my hand painted graphic tees!

Also I just found the link for a live camera of Rehoboth beach so I can see the ocean moving and people walking along the beach and board walk! Click HERE to see that!

Thank you so much for visiting.

xoxo Ceci

May 30, 2020 — Ceci Mason

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