DIga Linda Ceci Mason at the Holiday Market

Hi friends, 

I enjoy getting to know you on your social media posts, blog posts and reading about you. If you have a business, it would be so helpful to get to know you and what you do in your business and your spare time, can you tell that I love to collaborate? Will you share your Instagram account handle with me on the comments below, there are so many talented people on social platforms and this is where we connect, learn and grow. Here we share our work and also lift others up, what an amazing opportunity it is to be able to touch people this way.  

Would you mind sharing a tip in your business that you learned recently and served you well?

I will go first! This past weekend I learned about bundles, I talked about that to some friends because I found out another way to sell my products, which very exciting. I can give people lots of pretty products for a special deal, it seems that everyone is into that lately with the holidays approaching and gift baskets/bundles are in demand.

If anyone has suggestions on what to put inside the bundle I am listening. I need to listen to you and know what products you like, so I can put specials together.

This is the picture from that show I had on Saturday at the church ( first time, offering bundles and people loved them). These packages vary depending on what I have in stock, but for my next show at the Holiday Market at Landon, I will be doing the same idea and feel that people are going to love it there as well. I put a product in there then an art print and greeting card, things like that. Of course I sell many different products, so if  you are reading this and want a bundle of something please let me know.

This holiday season find personalized gifts or non personalized, go browse my products,  have a little bit of everything; mugs, tea towels, art prints, inspiring quotes, bible verses, aprons, phone cases and more.🌸

Do you have a favorite quotes? This is one of my favorite ones - Love this Quote: "If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far, go together." - African Proverb

If you would like to get a bit more organized this Holiday then click HERE

Also if you are looking for gorgeous jewelry then checkout Janice's handmade pieces, she is incredibly talented and each pair of earrings is so very special. You can visit her on instagram @thepinkreef

 Thank you so much for reading and have a fabulous week! 






November 20, 2019 — Cecilia Mason

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