"Life is a Journey" Free Printable Download from Diga Linda

Hi friends,

I give away a free printable each week to my email subscribers, so if you don’t get them yet, this is a great way to get free, fun, bright and colorful sunshine in your inbox!☀️🤗✨

This opportunity is a "one time" giveaway downloads! What I mean is that you cannot get the previous download from the week before for free anymore! 

So cheer up and look at the bright side, we all have our ups and downs and the most important is "It's not about how many times you fall down, but how many times you get back up". love that quote from Abraham Lincoln.

This week is about how our faithful friends are the rest stops along our life's journey. It's in our nature to bond, connect and to refresh each other, so I thought that I would say something about this art print. Also even though you cannot use these prints downloads for your blogs, for your marketing or in any commercial way, you can still print to give to a friend and brighten their day. It's for private use only, so go and be a light to someone. 

PS: Email goes out Tuesday mornings. Frame not included, it's an instant download 8"x10" good resolution art print.



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