🦀Here it is fresh new design that I just finished today! I wish I had this kind of time everyday! 
One of the advantages of having a small biz is that I can create design quick with no ones approval but mine!😂
However at the same time it’s hard having to make ALL the decisions. What font will I use, how many fonts, what size, what color and where do they go? There’s a million questions to answer and I did not even get technical yet!😄
What elements will be on the design? Create dozens and dozens of layers then when you put it together you check for mistakes! Like yesterday I changed the colors of the words Faith over Fear ( from lite pink to hot pink) on that Tee after I made it public and it took a long time to fix! Learned my lesson (well I keep learning), but need to look at the design a million times to make sure it's ok before it goes public!
So many decisions that have to be made before I publish! Enjoy this one and see me painting it on the video post below with watercolor this morning. By the way the 4 designs behind the "Maryland" words, I did those while I was on vacation in Portugal. I am so glad that I finally got to use them. People say my desings warm the heart, bring joy and make them smile, I love that! So take at this one, can you tell that I love details?🎨
Maryland State Statement Hand Painted T-Shirt by DIga Linda
May 14, 2020 — Ceci Mason

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