Navy Dancing Butterflies Hand Painted Print by Ceci Mason

Hi friends,

Yesterday you saw me in a little live segment in my home either on Facebook or on Instagram. I had a very busy last week with two days of National TV and two days of a Holiday Market, but praise the Lord, I survived it!

It was an absolute pleasure to be with Allie Amoroso the Founder of the "Rose Women's Foundation" on TV, if you saw her on her social media live during our segments (my social media live did not work unfortunately because I was on private mode without knowing), you will see how she is a delight to be around! She works so hard for that non-profit and always puts others first! She is in charge of so many women and children in Kenya! Watch our TV segment in the hot pink bar my website header and your mascara will run!

Anyway, I will try to be live for you every week from 2pm. so join me if you can. I will be sharing the latest and the greatest! 

Yesterday you heard me talking about bundles, a new idea that I had when I made the church Christmas market and at the market last week, I was sold out of some fun products and the Navy Dancing Butterflies bundles, these were all sold out by the time the market ended. 

Anyway the idea is to offer an exclusive 30% OFF all my products (2 or more) of the products listed in the bundle and you get the discount. That code will be communicated on my next newsletter, since my discount codes are mainly for the VIP people on my email list. If you would like to be part of the DIga Linda tribe VIP list then join HERE of if this link does not work, go on the footer (bottom) of my website! HERE

As soon as you enter your email, you will automatically receive a gift as a way of me saying Thank you to you!

One of the latest prints is this "Navy Dancing Butterflies" hand painted print by me, done with so much love for you all!  See that print HERE. Enjoy and have a great rest of the day.

See you next Tuesday at 2p.m.


Ceci Mason

December 11, 2019 — Cecilia Mason

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