Landon Azalea virtual 🖥 festival is coming ⏰🎡🛍


➡️ 10 DAYS until you can contribute to the Azalea Festival with your purchases on my store!! The festival is coming online late May, and I will be contributing to the school giving a percentage of all net sales on my online store starting FRIDAY April 24th! (Earlier for me because I want to get Mother's Day orders ontime)!🌟👏🏼🐾💙 

-The COUNTDOWN IN ON!!⏲ This T- shirt "Mama Bear" (picture below) is available in 9 colors in my shop click below the picture to see all colors, BTW, Diga Linda means “Say Beautiful” in case you did not now. 🌟.

🌷Did you know that the Landon Azalea Festival- my favorite festival - is coming online May 10th-17th? YAAAYYY!!! 🙌🏼 Find the school link to see the vendors HERE

🌸How awesome it will be to shop online and not have to worry about the weather, parking or even walking around finding your vendor or your product? You can still take a tour and see what people are offering (i will post videos and pictures of the previous years shows). NOW that the stores are closed, the online boutique vendors see a bigger opportunity to help consumers via social media, website and other ways.  How wonderful it would be someone in Florida or California or another place far away buying AND  contributing for the Azalea Festival? Spread the word and let's support the school. It's about community instead of competition.

Please join the ➡️ DIGA LINDA GROUP  VIP on Facebook, HERE I am getting tons of questions for school links and the Azalea Festival link is that is on the school main page on the top.  I am inviting you to join this group because I will be posting tons of pictures, videos of clients, vendors and the school from previous festivals the school has done in the past. One thing that I learned from being on TV so much last year, is that you interview others (vendors), give them as much exposure as possible and the customers will appreciate that. They love when I go with the camera around talking  to vendors asking what their best seller is and see who is selling what so they can plan their trip to the school! Vendors will also be posting on that group as well, giving interviews etc, so please join us and help us build our community there. 

I am not sure if the school will advertise the vendors (besides just having the link on the site), but it would be great if they took advantage of their huge reach, but this is one way we can help each other and most of all help the school, their programs and the community that we love.

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⭐️I am donating a percentage to the school. 🐾 Shop early Starting Friday APRIL 24 on my ONLINE SHOP and if you use my school designated coupon ( it’s a code and anything with that code will count towards percentage donations to the school) at checkout which will be given by email if you are subscribed, that way you can contribute to the school AND YOU CAN SHOP EARLY in time for 💐 MOTHER’s Day and STILL contribute fo the school. That email goes out Thursday April 23rd, so keep an eye on that! 

On April 24th the exclusive collection that I designed with all the school buildings (it took many months to design and illustrate) will be released and you will be able to see all the colorful creations in tons of products, from mugs to notebooks, personalized aprons, bags, art prints and so on. There is also an opportunity to own a special gift with one of my "Statement" Hand Painted Print designs when you personalize. I can add personalization to dog prints, aprons, phone cases and so on, see site under Personalized. I am so excited to share with you over 1000 products from my site, which I could never do in person at the school. Below is an example of the school buildings collection being released this Friday! By the way that large high quality cotton twill pillow has 2 different sides!

Azalea Festival 


Azalea flyer back 

riday!Mama  Bear Hand Painted T-shirt by Diga Linda

Click HERE  to see all the colors of this design.

Be healthy and stay safe.

PS: DID YOU MISS my first blog talking about the school? No worries, click HERE and a new window will open, you will still be able to get back here for reference. 

Go Bears!🐻

Ceci Mason

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I will leave you with just 2 of my most popular products they are both 15oz.: Start your day with a little cheer, these make great gifts as well, they have 2 different sides so click to see. 

The Landon School Buildings mug see it HERE 

and a Washington D.C. mug HERE 

"I was extremely pleased with the organization of Ceci’s products on the website. It was easy to find my favs. Ceci’s designs are so in line with her mission! Bright, cheery, colorful, and overall a lift to the spirit. 

Her customer service is excellent, too. My order was processed accurately and promptly. Moreover, she always adds a personalized touch. I highly recommend her artistry for unique gifts!" - Vivian Farley 
T-Shirt purchase of "NURSES ARE" Hand painted T-SHIRT - Love the color, the quality and the sentiment. Elizabeth W.



"FIND ME AT THE BEACH" - "It's a very nice quality mug!"  - Laurie Farr

 Find more reviews HERE


Be healthy and stay safe!

Ceci Mason


April 14, 2020 — Ceci Mason

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