The FREE Fine Art Lipstick Printable!- Valentines day is coming, print and share the joy!

Would you like to have this bright lipstick art that brings you joy and confidence? This 8"x10" fine art Lipstick printable will do just that!

Welcome to the "Glam Life" art print series.

The glam series is all about her and her glam life, goals and what she loves! She is courageous, confident, strides in grace but steps with force. With the world watching, they know that she an inspiration and a role model. She is strong and builds her own world. 

  • Get this 8"x10" fine art pretty Lipstick printable that you print in the comfort of your own home, no need to wait for a shipment to arrive.
  •  It will uplift your mood, make you more energetic and cheerful. 
  • You will feel bold and more confident reminding you of the goals you want to achieve!
  • Bring Glamour, happiness and sunshine into your home with this FREE 8"x10" fine art Glam Life Lipsticks printable!

This Printable has been downloaded many times!

“Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful print. I have always loved bright colors and lipsticks and now they are here to stay on my walls".

“I love to have the opportunity to switch the art on my walls and give it a fresh look".

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February 12, 2020 — Cecilia Mason

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