Tobacco Leaf Chinoiserie Table Runner



This vintage inspired chinoiserie table runner is made of 100% cotton.This design is an exclusive and you can only find it here, it's illustrated by Ceci Mason. If you love Tobacco Leaf then it's time to decorate your home with this table runner. You can coordinate with the napkins and tea towel that I sell. This is an exclusive print that you can only find here at Diga Linda.

The mythical bird is quite special and powerful here, it never dies. Basically it rises from the aftermath of fire from it's ashes and it is a symbol of hope, renewal, ressurection, solitude, immortality, rebirth and grace. The phoenix is truly a very unique bird. 

Illustration done by Ceci Mason - The Phoenix bird is in so many places on this runner, there are so many details here! I actually designed the bird to face all 4 directions!

Available in several sizes.

Production: Please allow 14 business days for delivery

Please note that since this is an handmade item, and it's cotton and not polyester like the Tobacco Leaft napkins (a cotton like hand), the colors although they are bright, the colors are not as intense as the colors in the polyester napkins.

Also positioning and scale of the design of the finished product may be slightly different than it appears on your screen.

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