HOME DECOR & ART - Grandmillennial Style Home Facebook Group

HOME DECOR & ART - Grandmillennial Style Home Facebook Group


Dear friends, I absolutely love home decor so much that I started a Facebook Group called Grandmillennial Style Home, and if you love home decor, please join! There you can show your beautiful home decor and even sell on Tuesdays! Just click on the link HERE and it will take you straight there! 

There is so much beauty and inspiration to share over there. People even post tips on how to decorate with wallpaper, renovations and so much more!

My designer dog "Chloe"!

Blue and White

Love the sunshine inside the home!

Home Decor by Diga Linda

My collection of ginger jars Keeps growing!!

Ginger Jar collection by Diga Linda

Porcelain Blue Throw pillows by Diga Linda

Porcelain Blue Throw Pillows by Diga Linda

Celebrate each day!

Celebrate each day

Chinoiserie Pagoda by Diga Linda, if you want to learn more about this pillow please click HERE

Chinoiserie Pagoda Pillow by Diga Linda

Summer Styled Buffet

Summer Styled Buffet by Diga Linda

White Hydrangeas Throw Pillows

White Hydrangeas Throw Pillows

Rose Medallion Love

 Rose Medallion love

Summer Floral in Blue and White

Summer Floral in Blue and White

Chinoiserie Topiaries Artisan Pillows

Topiaries Throw Pillow

Custom Granmillennial Botanical Garden

Grandmmillennial Botanical Garden  Custom Tablecloth by Diga Linda

Painting the Grandmillennial Botanical Garden Print

 Painting the Grandmillennial Botanical Garden Print

Touches of Easter

Touches of Easter

Easter Tablescape

Easter Tablescape

Easter Table different angle

Easter Tablescape

Another angle of the Easter Table

Another angle of the Easter Table 

Easter Table setting

Easter Table setting

Vista Alegre Dishes

Vista Alegre Dishes

Ginger Jar Collection

Ginger Jar Collection

Buffet Decor

Buffet Decor

Celebrate with flowers

Celebrate with flowers 

Decorate your buffet with flowers

Decorate your buffet with flowers

Vincentina Coast Print

Vincentina Coast Print

Vincentina Coast Napkins by Diga Linda

Vincentina Coast Napkins by Diga Linda

Blue and White Christmas in our home

Blue and White Christmas in our home

Mantel done with chicken wire and the Chinoiserie Pagoda Blue and White Throw Pillow by Diga Linda

Mantel done with chicken wire and the Chinoiserie Pagoda Blue and White Throw Pillow by Diga Linda

Making Christmas ornaments for the tree.

Making Christmas ornaments for the tree.

 If you enjoy home decor, please join my Facebook Group called "Grandmmillennial Style Home".

Thank you for your support, xo Ceci Mason artist and founder for Diga Linda

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October 27, 2022 — Ceci Mason
Best Key Lime Pie Ever

Best Key Lime Pie Ever

You will find this well balanced and light key lime pie to be one of the best that you have ever tasted! My daughter made it and it delighted everyone, we hope you enjoy it as well.



For the pie crust

1/3 light brown sugar

4 tablespoons of butter

1 and 1/2 cups of crushed graham crackers


For the pie filling


1 tablespoon grated lime zest

1 cup of whole milk

2 cans of sweetened condensed milk (14 oz each can)

3/4 cup lime juice squeezed.




2 tablespoons of confectioners sugar

1 cup of heavy cream

1 tablespoon of lime zest (to spread on top of the whipped cream)




Combine brown sugar, melted butter and graham crumbs all together until well mixed. Press it all along a pie pan bottom and sides. Bake for about 10 minutes at 375 degrees, let cool.


Whisk sweetened condensed milk, whole milk, lime juice and zest. Bake at 350 for about 18-20minutes and it will be a bit wobble but that’s ok. Wait for it to cool down then put in the fridge.


Mix heavy cream with confectioners sugar until medium peaks form then top the cooled pie and spread the lime zest all over the pie. Cool for a few hours before serving it cold.

It's so easy to make and it's SO delicious, I hope you try it!

I got the Rose Medallion Tureen yesterday at an estate sale and the runner and napkin Familie Rose print is new and is coming out soon.

Please leave a comment, I appreciate your support. 

xo Ceci Mason artist and founder of Diga Linda


October 16, 2022 — Ceci Mason
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TABLESCAPES ~ Loving Table Styling Facebook Group

TABLESCAPES ~ Loving Table Styling Facebook Group

Hi Friends, I love table styling so much that I started a new Facebook Group Called Beautiful Table Styling and I hope that you join me over here. Just click on the link HERE  and it will take you right there. I cannot wait to see how you decorate your table over there!

There are so much beauty to share over there, just take a look at these perfect Tobacco Leaf Napkins styled by a customer found HERE perfect for the fall table decor!

Tobacco Leaf Napkins by Diga Linda

My Rose Medallion Ceramic Collection

My Rose Medallion Ceramic Collection

My new Famille Rose napkin fabric is here!! Inspired by all my Rose Medallion dishes!

My new Famille Rose napkin fabric is here!! Inspired by all my Rose Medallion dishes!

Obsessed with Rose Medallion!!

Obsessed with Rose Medallion!!

My obsession for Rose flowers, blue and white is real!

Rose flowers obsession

Roses and green Cabbage dishes by Bordallo Pinheiro

Roses and green Cabbage dishes by Bordallo Pinheiro 

 To see the Instagram for this account, please click HERE

Thank you for your support, xo Ceci Mason

October 02, 2022 — Ceci Mason
Saturdays are for Baking ~ BEST Pumpkin Bread Ever!

Saturdays are for Baking ~ BEST Fall Baking!

Saturdays are for baking! This is the best Pumpkin Bread recipe and why you will love it! Home made pumpkin bread is a favorite fall recipe, so delicious and moist. It’s easy, quick to make and everyone loves it! Besides it makes the house smell so good! So I hope I inspire you to bake something!

Prep time: 20 minutes
Cook: the bread in the Bundt shape takes 60 to bake and the glass Pyrex bread shape takes 75 minutes to bake.
This recipe is for 2 bread loaves

- 1 can (15oz) of pumpkin purée
- 1 cup of vegetable oil
- 2 cups of sugar
- 4 eggs
- 2/3 cup of water
- 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
- 3 1/2 cups all purpose flour (sifted)
- 2 teaspoons baking soda (sifted)
- 1 teaspoon baking soda
- 1 teaspoon of salt
- 1 teaspoon ground cloves
- 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon
- 1 teaspoon ground nutmeg
- 1/4 teaspoon ground ginger

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 C), spray Pam on the bread pans.

Mix all wet ingredients, plus sugar together in a bowl. Then mix all dry ingredients in another bowl. Pour the wet with the dry and mix it all with the electrical mixer until it’s all mixed.
Pour into the bread pans (sprayed with non-stick spray) and bake for about 70-75 minutes. It’s done when the bamboo skewer comes out clean!

Pumpkin Bread by Ceci Mason

Here is the recipe for Ceci's Banana Bread

Banana Bread Family Recipe

3/4 cups of sugar

1 1/2 mashed bananas

3/4 cups of vegetable oil

2 eggs

2 cups of all purpose flour

1/2 cup of chopped nuts (optional)

1 t of baking soda

2 t of vanilla

1 t of baking powder

1/2 t of salt

  1. Heat the oven 340 degrees
  2. Grease a loaf pan ( I use Pyrex )
  3. Mix sugar, bananas, oil and eggs in a large bowl with a wooden spoon ( or electrical mixer)
  4. Stir in the rest of the ingredients.
  5. Pour into pan
  6. Bake 60-70 minutes
  7. I use a bamboo skewer to see if it’s cooked or if it needs more time.
  8. With a knife detach sides slowly.
  9. Let cool for a few minutes before flipping.
  10. Enjoy, this one was almost attacked before I said that I needed a picture, lol!

Banana Bread by Ceci Mason

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DIY  - How to make Decoupage Oysters!

DIY - How to make Decoupage Oysters!

You are going to LOVE this! Learn how to make the cutest trinket dish. These have so many uses and make great gifts as well. They can be a ring holder, catch all, jewelry dish or paper clip holder!

SAVE 🔖 this post to refer back when your need to make a few gifts.

I am an avid crafter and when I have a bit of extra time, you will find me making these!

I just used blue and white and other designs that are timeless.

1 - Clean your oyster shells and let dry.

2 - Sand sharp edges around the shell until they become smooth.

3 - Paint inside shells with white craft acrylic paint and let dry.

4- use Mod Podge on the inside of the shells. I used matte, but you can use gloss.

5 - Separate napkin and use the design part only which is very thin and place on top of oyster shell covered with the Mod Podge.

6 - Brush the napkin from the center out so that you erase any bubbles.

7 - Cut any extra napkin on the oyster edges and let dry.

8 - Paint the very edge with gold, let dry then paint the entire back, let dry (I let dry overnight) and you are done!🙌

Ps: Also did decoupage on a plain circular ornament and a remote control box that was brown before. You can also do it in plates and many other items, follow for Grandmillennial ideas!


Decoupage oysters project

Decoupage oysters project

You can see the remote control box that I decoupaged on, it was brown before

Decoupage oysters project

Decoupage oysters project

Decoupage oysters project

Decoupage oysters project

 These are the items that you will need:

  • White paint
  • Mod Podge
  • Gold paint
  • Brush
  • Sandpaper

 This is a great project to make with some friends or to make it alone, just remember that the most important this is to have fun!

If you decide to make them, please tag @diga_linda (if you have instagram) or on Facebook Diga Linda, I would love to see your work!

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September 06, 2022 — Ceci Mason
Meet Ritz from Decor by Season

Meet Ritz from Decor by Season

Instagram has such a wonderful way of bringing people together!

Today I am delighted to share the tablescapes of Ritz @decorbyseason where she shares her love for themed tablescapes, travels, cuisine and home interiors.

Q: Ritz, can you tell us about yourself, where did you grow up and how did your childhood influence your life and your path?
A: Thanks for having me on your Blog, Ceci. I grew up in India, my Father's work had us moving every two years or so, so I ended up traveling all over India and learning about different cultures and customs and appreciating the art and dance forms and the food - travel expanded my horizon and gave me friendships some that I'm in touch with from elementary years. India is a large country and I just googled it has 121 official languages - so you can imagine how much change there is from State to State - it leaves an amazing kaleidoscopic impact especially on a young mind. I like to think this constant moving made me a very friendly and adaptive person, I learnt to appreciate and enjoy differences, it invariably gave me many leadership qualities which I would never have inculcated if not for travel. Till today traveling and visiting new places is a favorite hobby, it's the best hands on teacher there ever was.

Q: As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?
A: I was always interested in Interior Design and Decor. But I wanted to be a Doctor.

Q: Where did you go to college and what did you learn?
A: I did a Post Graduation in Zoology and thereafter a few courses in Management and Web Design. Literature was a huge interest. So my pathways changed many times, learning was always a fun thing. I learnt to love learning, learning is always beneficial.

Q: What inspired you to start sharing your beautiful home decor? Do you have any professional design training? If not, how did you learn?
A: I love to celebrate all festivals and cultural occasions from across the world that I know off - always dressing up my home and celebrating different themes for when people would come over. During the covid shutdowns that turned into socializing online and sharing the easiest platform which is Tablescapes for me where I can bring these themes and my love for collecting dishes together. I have no professional training - it's just been a Hobby.
Decor by season

Q: How do you define your style?
A: Styling, I believe is innate, at its roots and developed at its branches, by practice and repetition one learns to feel comfortable in what speaks to us, we learn when to draw back. Being a maximalist and always inclined to loving the styles and art and artifacts of yesteryears, I can say I'm a traditionalist, I love to mix and match and have a layered look - that always tells a story - some call it "Grandmillennial" these days. I love incorporating handicrafts and hand woven, handmade items when I can, to bring in that personal, curated and collected feel.

Q: Where do you find inspiration?
A: I find inspiration in nature, in historical anecdotes, in my travels - in everyday things. Instagram and Pinterest inspire me - it's been amazing to get to be friends with some amazing stylists from across the world and learn how they design.
Q: What are some of your favorite treasures in your home, and why?
A: Some of my favorite treasures are some artifacts that I have collected on my travels, my Mother has been the greatest influencer, an avid collector herself, she has shopped for many of my collectibles. A simple answer to the why would be that these bring me joy and enrich my world.

Q: Do you have any favorite collections?
A: I have recently started collecting Vintage dishes and these days that's my favorite. Another would be the precious Sari collection I have from many different weavers from across India but sadly I get to enjoy and wear them on very rare occasions.

Q: For people who don’t know Decor By Season, can you describe how you came up with that name for your Instagram and tell us about your groups that you are in?
A: My name in Hindi means 'season' and I have always loved seasonal decor, hence the name "DecorbySeason".
My love for Tablescapes and meeting people had me collaborating with many stylists on Instagram, with some of my closests friends we started the page @TablesforSoiree where we share Themed Tablescapes every week. It's surprising how many stylists like to take up the challenge and present their versions on a theme - the creative and supportive group and friendships we have formed are truly phenomenal.
Decor by season

Q: I understand that you like to cook, can you tell us more about that?
A: Yes, I enjoy trying new recipes and learning new cuisines. Everyone cooks in my family and they are all good and specialize in one thing or another, we are all big foodies. Presentation of what one cooks matters too coz you eat with your eyes first and I see my kids have learnt that fast. The best and easiest way to treat each other is by cooking something fun and unique. And I'm blessed in the fact that the teens leave the kitchen spick and span once they are done.

Q: When you aren’t busy doing a tablescape, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?
A: I am a voracious reader (both fiction and nonfiction), I love to garden and grow roses and vegetables, sometimes I dabble in paint and I love to embroider and crochet and crafts like decoupage when inspiration strikes.I enjoy long walks and hikes with my two side kicks a black Labrador and a German Shepherd, who are my constant companions in all I do.

Q; What are 3 everyday luxuries you could not live without?
A: I think soap, fresh water and my phone.

Q: Where can people find you, let us know your social media handles
and any other ways people can get in touch with you.
A: I am available on the @decorbyseason on Instagram and decorbyseason@gmail.com.

Thank you Ritz, it was a pleasure having you in this space!
Decor by season
Decor by season

Decor by season

For additional information and ongoing inspiration, please follow @decorbyseason on Instagram.

And stay tuned and we will be featuring more of this talented tablescape artist work in the future!

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July 13, 2022 — Ceci Mason
Watercolor Classes by Ceci and the Benefits of painting

Watercolor Classes by Ceci and the Benefits of painting

Hi friends,

Come join me in my watercolor class held at Bayside Artisans Shoppes on Independence Boulevard in Virginia Beach, our next class will be July 8th from 6-8p.m.!

On our last class, I gave the students the choice to either paint 1 or 3 hydrangeas on the watercolor paper! Although I might not always offer a choice of a design, students always enjoy following along and learning more about watercolor so I encourage you to attend the next class! To register, please click HERE.


For the class I got to wear one of my vintage favorite prints, "Flamingos in Palms"! What a great way to celebrate the arrival of Summer! 

Make sure you read below, let's admit it, there are so many benefits of painting! 

  •  Painting improves memory and concentration ~ While it might not be obvious but your brain is essentially working out whenever you paint, which means that painting boots the memory function and sharpen the mind. When painting, parts of the brain responsible for memory and concentration are engaged!
  • Painting develops your creativity ~ when painting both left and right side of the brain are stimulated. Even as a beginner, learning how to paint will strengthen your mind as you try new techniques and master new skills. Painting classes hep further boost your creative spirit! In painting we use our left side of the brain to tackle logical challenges, for example how you should set up your paper and paints and getting ready to paint!
  • Painting is an all brain exercise, triggering dopamine activity in the brain and strengthening the mind, so spending time indulging your creativity is basically like doing a fun physical workout but in your brain, lets call it a fun fitness class!
  • There are endless benefits of painting ~ studies show that people who practice creative activities regularly such as painting are shown to have less chance of developing Alzheimer's and dementia. Therefore not only is your painting hobby sparking joy and making you feel better due to the dopamine release which is an hormone responsible for important body functions including movement, memory, pleasure and motivation, and is also looking after your health and safeguarding your brain functions in the future!

You will also enjoy meeting and connecting with other students in the class. Believe it or not there are many benefits of socializing and having this time for yourself.


3  blue hydrangeas

Make sure you register HERE and secure your spot, there is limited seating available. Hope to see you there!

If you attended one of my previous classes, I would love for you to leave a comment below about your experience. These comments help me be better prepared for the next class!

Thank you,

Watercolor hydrangeas by Ceci Mason

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June 28, 2022 — Ceci Mason
The meaning and symbolism of hydrangeas

The meaning and symbolism of hydrangeas

Hi friends,

Who else is obsessed with hydrangeas? Many believe that these flowers originated in Japan. In Japan legend has it that the flower became associated gratitude and a heartfelt emotion, an apology after a Japanese emperor gave them to a girls family who he was in love with, to make up for neglecting her in favor of business and how much he cared about her. 

The meaning of Hydrangeas:

  • The pink hydrangeas are associated with genuine and sincere emotions of the meaning of love and symbolize true feelings making them a great fit for spring and summer table arrangements or wedding bouquets because of their shape resembling a heart! 
  • Hydrangeas come in different shades of blue, pink, green, white and purple.
  • Hydrangeas are associated with an apology since they go back to ancient history of that legend where the emperor earned forgiveness by offering these flowers. So when you owe someone a sincere apology, you can convey your feelings by offering them and arrangement of blue hydrangeas.
  • The flower has many meanings, from heartfelt emotion to boastfullness, to gratitude. Each culture has their own interpretation of the flower according to their stories and beliefs.
  • Green hydrangeas can show your appreciation of the deep connection you hold with a friend while these flowers convey sincere emotions and deep understanding so if you have a friend's birthday coming up, then you can give them these wishing them prosperity and good health. 
  • Victorians considered white hydrangeas as a negative plant used for boastfulness, bragging or vanity. Since they produce massive flowers but very few seeds, these magnificent blooms were also given to women who turned down the man's love interest as signs that they were cold or frigid. So women who grew these in their gardens were thought to be unlikely to find a romantic companionship.
  • If you have a friend who is going through a difficult time, you can give the purple hydrangeas since these convey a deep understanding. 
  • Alabama designated the hydrangea as the state's official flower in 1999.

Follow these steps to prolong the beauty of your cut hydrangeas:

  • Once you cut the blooms outdoors, place them directly in a bucket with water, once they are inside boil a pot of water. Remove it from the heat, cut the hydrangea to the right length and place them in the water for 30 seconds. Use alum to help preserve the hydrangeas by cutting stems to length dip the end of each stem into about 1/2 inch of alum powder them place them in the vase in room temperature water. OR if you don't want to use alum, put one table spoon of bleach (to kill bacteria and one tablespoon of sugar ( to feed the blooms) into the vase and mix with water, then add the flowers.
  • Revive wilted hydrangeas, change the water and use the boiling water method above. 

Hydrangea Uses:

  • The leaves of the hydrangeas and poisonous if ingested because they contain cyanoecic glycosides which release dydrongen cyanhide when chewed, however the roots ar used for medicinal purposes. Hydrangea root can be used as an antioxidant and is also used to treat kidney problems.
  • This beautiful flower is a favorite among florists and home gardeners everywhere! Because they produce magnificent large blooms and beauty, they are great to use in many different occasions, including heartfelt moments, apologies and thanks.

Hydrangeas facts:

  • The name hydrangea comes from the Greek words hydros, meaning water, and angos meaning jar, which makes sense since these flowers require so much water. However if you water too much, you can kill these flowers. The signs of watering are yellowing of the leaves, wilting, leaves falling off or slow growth.
  • Hydrangeas bloom in different formations. The most popular is the mophead hydrangeas whose flowers grow in big ball clusters. Panicle hydrangeas which grow well in cold climates have flowers that grow in cone-shaped clusters. Lacecap hydrangeas, which grow well in the shade, have clusters of tiny blooms and larger blooms.
  • Hydrangeas are often given o the 4th wedding anniversaries to symbolize appreciation and heartfelt emotion.
  • The largest diversity of hydrangeas species exists in eastern Asia which includes Japan China, and Korea.

For the love of hydrangeas

Maybe you did not realize that hydrangea colors had so many specific meanings but these brilliant blooms are highly commendable to give to someone since they convey so many sentiments. Whether you choose to give them as a plant or floral arrangement to a friend, your recipient will surely appreciate and admire your magnificent blooms! 

Make sure you join me on my next watercolor class, today we will be painting hydrangeas!

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Go HERE to see my hand painted hydrangeas in products!





June 24, 2022 — Ceci Mason
Love your stove! More room, more to style!

Love your stove! More room, more to style!

Hi friends!

Ever since I got my new stove top, I have been asked where I got it and all the details about it!

I have to say that I was fortunate to find someone who actually builds these from scratch and although my stove is a standard size, I was able to customize the color and that made my day!

I not only can have more room in my kitchen to display my home decor, but the stove is an ideal place for me to display the tea towels that I hand illustrate/paint and sell on my booth and online on my website!

Therefore whenever I am advertising a new design and I style it on my stove, people ask me about it, so I decided to do a blog on it. If you can please comment on it (by clicking on the blog you will see an area to comment)!

The color of my stove top goes with my kitchen home decor and when I have people visiting (mostly on the weekends), I flip the tray upside down and use it as a charcuterie board! It's big and it fits beautifully on top of my island! 

It makes me feel like I have a really cleaned and organized kitchen displaying my Porcelain Blue Tea Towel on the stove handle and when I display the tray on top of the stove, and it's truly a statement piece, I am absolutely in love with  it!  

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I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I don't make or sell these, but HERE is the link where you can buy it! Please let me know if you have any questions, I hope this helps you get yours in the color that you like!

Royal Chinoiserie blue and white tea towel

Stove top tray


I styled it with my "Vincentina Coast " napkins here but you can use a tea towel as well!

We were having friends over for burgers and I just placed everything on the tray before taking it outdoors. If you are interested in seeing any other tea towels, please go HERE

xo Ceci, artist and founder of Diga Linda

Instagram FEATURE Ivory and Noire

Instagram FEATURE Ivory and Noire

I am so excited to featured Jessica from @ivoryandnoire this Saturday on our #Vintageflowersandtea home tour! Below are some facts about her.

Jessica Pearsall is an interior designer and founder of Ivory and Noire. 

Why is her little corner of the internet called Ivory and Noire? Black and white was her all time favorite color scheme until she discovered blue and white!

She is married  to her best friend and she is a proud mamma of two children and a fur baby.

She is fluent in English & Spanish and for a while was conversational in Arabic.

She is a coffee snob, and loves a great cup off coffee, along with a great glass of wine and a tasty cocktail. 

She loves creating a beautiful table but what she loves even more is sharing how she created it and where she found the good stuff!

She started Ivory and Noire to teach and inspire women to entertain stylishly in their own homes.

She loves layering colors, patterns and a bit of chinoiserie on every table she sets.

She’s done everything from flipping homes to designing residential and commercial interiors in the US and abroad.

She's also thrown her share of milestone celebrations.

She has been featured in Entertain and Celebrate and also on the Houston Chronicle!

She enjoys taking workshops in subjects like art and calligraphy.

When Jessica is not traveling to some part of the world, you'll find her trying out new restaurants, dancing salsa with her hubby and snuggling up for a movie night with her two kids and little Cocker Spaniel.


 Ivory and Noire Tablescape

Ivory and Noire Tablescape

Ivory and Noire Tablescape

To see her website click HERE

🌸If you would like a chance to be featured, on Instagram, tag your photos with #vintageflowersandtea and follow along with all of the hosts below:


Features happen on Tuesdays and Saturdays, so keep posted to see who will be featured next.

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May 20, 2022 — Ceci Mason
INSTAGRAM FEATURES this week on #Homedecorandart and #Vintageflowersandtea Home Tours!

INSTAGRAM FEATURES this week on #Homedecorandart and #Vintageflowersandtea Home Tours!

This week on Tuesday a great group of ladies and I were excited to featured Carrie and Anne from @tortoiseandharevintage
They started their creative journey together years ago while volunteering at their kids’ school auctions. Years later, as semi-empty nesters, they combined their passions and talents and launched Tortoise and Hare Vintage Collection in 2018. Tortoise and Hare has since grown to six booths in three collectives and a shipping office in Chattanooga.

Anne and Carrie love antique shopping together, going to auctions & going to estate sales. They enjoy decorating the shops, making plate walls & plate wreaths, and selecting upholstery fabric for custom furniture and pillows. “Our style is eclectic, traditional, and always colorful. We are both creative souls and we like making pretty things.” When asked about future plans, they say,
“We are all about having fun and we’ll do this as long as it’s still fun. If it ever gets to be not fun, we’re out.”

 Tortoise and Hare Vintage

To see their website click HERE

If you would like a chance to be featured, tag your photos with #homedecorandart on Instagram and follow along with all of the hosts below:



These features happen on Tuesdays and Saturdays, so keep posted to see who will be featured next week!

This weekend I will be having a big event at the Mason Magnolia Manor! Our daughter's commissioning for the Navy, graduation from the Corps of Cadets and graduation party from Virginia Tech so look for some fun pictures coming up. 

Have a great weekend friends,

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May 19, 2022 — Ceci Mason


This is a great project to do in the Spring and when you are going to have guests over!  It's perfect for Easter or another special occasion! They surely will be admiring your centerpiece, not only because the vase/bowl is part of your china set but the nest eggs will draw attention to the eye, specially  if they are at eye level!

Another way that you can make that arrangement pop as well is if you put cut out butterflies, birds or any kind of a fun Spring element instead of the nest eggs!

You can find dry moss online, I got it at amazon! The Vista Alegre dishes are from the actual store Vista Alegre in Portugal. I got the entire set then had it shipped over here. Their designs are timeless, classic and since I love blue and white this one seemed to be the perfect set. I also love the sunlight so having a touch of yellow on the set was absolutely perfect!

If you enjoy this tutorial, please comment on the blog below and subscribe to my channel. I appreciate your support.

 Here are some pictures of my table for more inspiration! Thrilled to have been featured today on @replacementsltd  Instagram HERE


Grandmillennial Table Setting with Floral arrangement

Blue and White Vista Alegre Table Setting Grandmillennial Style

Easter Table Setting at Diga Linda by Ceci Mason

Grandmillennial Easter Table Setting by Ceci Mason at Diga Linda

Custom Granmillennial Blue and white Botanical Garden Tablecloth

 Grandmillennial Botanical Garden Napkins

The custom tablecloth with the napkins that you see here is my latest Spring release "Grandmillennial Blue and White Botanical Garden" release and it can be found HERE 

I painted every bow, flower, bird and branch you see here with watercolor and you can customize it with your family name. I also have customers that want to say on it "Family and Friends" instead of the family name! It's certainly a conversation piece and you can pass it on to future generations!

I designed the napkins in a way that when you fold then, like you see above each corner is different, so you can style them in many different ways to match your tablecloth. 

These exclusive designs make a perfect Mother's Day gift!

Get more inspiration in your inbox by subscribing to my VIP weekly newsletter! In addition you also get a coupon to my store and news on the greatest and latests design releases!

Thank you and have a wonderful day,

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