Rose Bouquets FREE fine art printables

Rose Bouquets FREE fine art printables

Bring joy and sunshine into your home with beautiful, printable art And did I mention, it's your FREE!

These 8"x10" fine art prints sell in my store, but I wanted to spread a little joy your way by offering them up for free. Spruce up your office, decorate that kitchen nook you've been ignoring or frshen up that gallery wall with something new! Wherever you use these, they're sure to add a smile to your face Claim your FREE PRINTABLE BUNDLE RIGHT HERE

February 24, 2020 — Cecilia Mason
The FREE Fine Art Lipstick Printable!- Valentines day is coming, print and share the joy!

The FREE Fine Art Lipstick Printable!- Valentines day is coming, print and share the joy!

Would you like to have this bright lipstick art that brings you joy and confidence? This 8"x10" fine art Lipstick printable will do just that!

Welcome to the "Glam Life" art print series.

The glam series is all about her and her glam life, goals and what she loves! She is courageous, confident, strides in grace but steps with force. With the world watching, they know that she an inspiration and a role model. She is strong and builds her own world. 

  • Get this 8"x10" fine art pretty Lipstick printable that you print in the comfort of your own home, no need to wait for a shipment to arrive.
  •  It will uplift your mood, make you more energetic and cheerful. 
  • You will feel bold and more confident reminding you of the goals you want to achieve!
  • Bring Glamour, happiness and sunshine into your home with this FREE 8"x10" fine art Glam Life Lipsticks printable!

This Printable has been downloaded many times!

“Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful print. I have always loved bright colors and lipsticks and now they are here to stay on my walls".

“I love to have the opportunity to switch the art on my walls and give it a fresh look".

Send me my Glam Life FREE FINE ART Lipstick Printable

February 12, 2020 — Cecilia Mason
Personalized gifts by Diga Linda

Make it SPECIAL "Personalized Gifts"

Is your mom, bff, or another loved one celebrating a special moment? Personalization is EVERYTHING!!! Just pick a print and product and I will add their name or initials. Take a look here for some examples:

Special occasions coming up to celebrate are: Valentine's Day 2/14, President's Day 2/17, Love your Pet Day 2/20, National Margarita Day 2/22, Mardi Gras 2/25 Nat'l Employee Appreciation Day 3/6, International Women's Day 3/8, St. Patricks Day 3/17, First Day of Spring 3/19, National Puppy Day, April Fools Day 4/1, National Pet Day 4/11, Earth Day 4/22, World Book Day 4/23, Cinco De Mayo and National Teachers Day 5/5, Mother's Day 5/10, International Nurses Day 5/12, National Chocolate Chip Day 5/15, Memorial Day 5/25



February 06, 2020 — Cecilia Mason
Collaborating with “Make-A-Wish ® Mid-Atlantic from Monday February 3rd -8th.

Collaborating with “Make-A-Wish ® Mid-Atlantic from Monday February 3rd -8th.

I am thrilled to be collaborating with a charity organization next week from February 3rd -8th. They are a non-profit organization.

“Make-A-Wish ® Mid-Atlantic grants life changing wishes to children with critical illnesses in Maryland, Washington DC and northern Virginia.”


During those days, I will be donating 50% of my net sales. Please use discount code "MAKEAWISH" so that I know that your purchase will contribute towards the charity organization. Below is the newest art print "I Love Butterflies" that I just released and will be available on greeting cards and art prints, just perfect for Valentines! Remember to check Facebook and Instagram for announcements and spread these wonderful news with friends and family. Together we can make more wishes come true for kids.

WATCH US LIVE HERE of February 3rd at 8:45a.m. on FOX45 BALTIMORE

For more click HERE

January 29, 2020 — Cecilia Mason
Navy Dancing Butterflies Hand Painted Print by Ceci Mason

Navy Dancing Butterflies Hand Painted Print by Ceci Mason

Hi friends,

Yesterday you saw me in a little live segment in my home either on Facebook or on Instagram. I had a very busy last week with two days of National TV and two days of a Holiday Market, but praise the Lord, I survived it!

It was an absolute pleasure to be with Allie Amoroso the Founder of the "Rose Women's Foundation" on TV, if you saw her on her social media live during our segments (my social media live did not work unfortunately because I was on private mode without knowing), you will see how she is a delight to be around! She works so hard for that non-profit and always puts others first! She is in charge of so many women and children in Kenya! Watch our TV segment in the hot pink bar my website header and your mascara will run!

Anyway, I will try to be live for you every week from 2pm. so join me if you can. I will be sharing the latest and the greatest! 

Yesterday you heard me talking about bundles, a new idea that I had when I made the church Christmas market and at the market last week, I was sold out of some fun products and the Navy Dancing Butterflies bundles, these were all sold out by the time the market ended. 

Anyway the idea is to offer an exclusive 30% OFF all my products (2 or more) of the products listed in the bundle and you get the discount. That code will be communicated on my next newsletter, since my discount codes are mainly for the VIP people on my email list. If you would like to be part of the DIga Linda tribe VIP list then join HERE of if this link does not work, go on the footer (bottom) of my website! HERE

As soon as you enter your email, you will automatically receive a gift as a way of me saying Thank you to you!

One of the latest prints is this "Navy Dancing Butterflies" hand painted print by me, done with so much love for you all!  See that print HERE. Enjoy and have a great rest of the day.

See you next Tuesday at 2p.m.


Ceci Mason

December 11, 2019 — Cecilia Mason
DIga Linda Ceci Mason at the Holiday Market

Introduce yourself!

Hi friends, 

I enjoy getting to know you on your social media posts, blog posts and reading about you. If you have a business, it would be so helpful to get to know you and what you do in your business and your spare time, can you tell that I love to collaborate? Will you share your Instagram account handle with me on the comments below, there are so many talented people on social platforms and this is where we connect, learn and grow. Here we share our work and also lift others up, what an amazing opportunity it is to be able to touch people this way.  

Would you mind sharing a tip in your business that you learned recently and served you well?

I will go first! This past weekend I learned about bundles, I talked about that to some friends because I found out another way to sell my products, which very exciting. I can give people lots of pretty products for a special deal, it seems that everyone is into that lately with the holidays approaching and gift baskets/bundles are in demand.

If anyone has suggestions on what to put inside the bundle I am listening. I need to listen to you and know what products you like, so I can put specials together.

This is the picture from that show I had on Saturday at the church ( first time, offering bundles and people loved them). These packages vary depending on what I have in stock, but for my next show at the Holiday Market at Landon, I will be doing the same idea and feel that people are going to love it there as well. I put a product in there then an art print and greeting card, things like that. Of course I sell many different products, so if  you are reading this and want a bundle of something please let me know.

This holiday season find personalized gifts or non personalized, go browse my products,  have a little bit of everything; mugs, tea towels, art prints, inspiring quotes, bible verses, aprons, phone cases and more.🌸

Do you have a favorite quotes? This is one of my favorite ones - Love this Quote: "If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far, go together." - African Proverb

If you would like to get a bit more organized this Holiday then click HERE

Also if you are looking for gorgeous jewelry then checkout Janice's handmade pieces, she is incredibly talented and each pair of earrings is so very special. You can visit her on instagram @thepinkreef

 Thank you so much for reading and have a fabulous week! 






November 20, 2019 — Cecilia Mason
FREE Printables

FREE Printables

Be more joyful after seven days with these FREE art and organizing printables! 
October 04, 2019 — Cecilia Mason
Fall is coming, are you ready?

Fall is coming, are you ready?

Hi friends,

I am so excited for the autumnal equinox also called September equinox that will be arriving on September 23 here in the US. Any idea why it's called the equinox? The work comes from the latin aequus, meaning "equal" and nox, means "night".

Fall weather is just the best, we get to enjoy the Summer's last heat waves and we also get to enjoy fall's first chill. Hopefully we will be able to enjoy a few days of cool crisp weather and blue skies, those are my favorites.

Also the leaves on the trees turn color but not due to the temperature, they change color due to the amount of daylight they get. 

I love when I am driving and the landscape just explodes with vibrant colors of red, orange and yellow. It's just like a painting, so beautiful. I hope you get to enjoy the smells of apple pie, (I get that smell for the house), jumping on leaves, campfires, pumpkin picking and all the wonderful activities that fall brings our way. 

Thank you for reading my blog and enjoy the new mug fall products that I am designing, I will post on social media. Also keep an eye out each week for a free art illustration printable in your inbox! So if you want them, subscribe and enjoy. Until next blog.



Ceci Mason




September 09, 2019 — Cecilia Mason
Latest mugs

Latest mugs

Happy Summer Friends,

The new collection of mugs is out! Your mornings are to bring you joy and much love specially when you are holding a really pretty hand illustrated mug! These are also great to have around in case any unexpected gift opportunity arises, you are always ready to gift a friend, colleague, family or neighbor. 

August 18, 2019 — Cecilia Mason

My Mission

May 08, 2019 — Cecilia Mason