Ceci Mason is an artist currently living in Virginia with her husband and two children, a daughter who is a Naval officer and a son who is still in college at Virginia Tech. She grew up in the southern region of Portugal where the scenic beauty of the local beaches and countryside farms provide the source of her inspiration for her work. Entertaining, family gatherings and her passion for the outdoors combined with the natural scenes throughout the Algarve influence her creativity and are her guiding light. 

Her main focus of work is to communicate joy and capture the classic charm in her products. The bold brush strokes in her paintings and fabrics are filled with her inner joy.  The colorful palettes combined with the simplification of form result in paintings filled with light and with an approachable energy and movement. It’s when she is painting that she feels the happiest and loves sharing inspirational messages to lift others up. Sharing her work and using it to put a little sunshine in people's lives is what drives this artist daily.

ABOUT THE BRAND ~ DIGA LINDA ‘s mission is to celebrate and enjoy each moment of life. Our products reflect a love for flowers, beach and they make great gifts. With this in mind we hope to bring you the joy that is reflected in each product.  

Ceci Mason is the founder and designer behind the products at Diga Linda. DIGA LINDA translates in Portuguese and Spanish to “Say Beautiful”. Her mom’s name is Clarinda (Clara Linda), which means bright & beautiful and Ceci reflects that light and beauty in her creations. The ingenuity of her products has been passed down from her parents who have shared their many innovations developed while running a rural farm and repair shop. Learning to sew and make her own clothes has greatly influenced her ability to create products that are ingenious and practical. 


We sell art prints professionally printed for long lasting color and quality and we also sell original artwork. In addition to fabric accessories she sells paper products and personalized stationary. Her prints are inspiring and filled with light and colorful designs. Currently she sells in local markets, in a few pop up shops and also online. 

Our simple goal is to serve others with the talents and creativity at Diga Linda and hopefully make our customers happy with each product that we make. If we can add a little more joy to someone’s life, then we will consider our work a success. 

In April 2019, she partnered with Allie Amoroso co-founder of the Rose Women’s Foundation and they were on three TV channels in the Washington DC area. 

Below is a TV segment from Fox 45 Baltimore tv station where Ceci partnered with Allie. 


Diga Linda partners with non profit women's Rose foundation

 To watch one fo the segments, click picture or link here https://foxbaltimore.com/morning/rose-womens-foundation

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