I am so excited to share with you this new print just in time for the holidays!  The original Tobacco leaf pattern was developed circa 1780. It was for export only, mostly for the Portuguese and Brazilian market. Later it was exported to Europe and North America. This pattern was considered special and very popular in the 18th and 19th century due to the nature of the design with so much meaning and also with so much color.

Milred Root Mottahedeh, founded The Mottahedeh & Company, a designer and supplier of luxury porcelain made in Italy and Portugal for the U.S. market later on, based on historical models or direct replicas, that were sold in part through luxury retailers and museum gift shops.

Her large personal collection of Chinese export porcelain for the European market, formed with her Iranian husband, Rafi Y. Mottahedeh, were loved by many. The Mottahedeh porcelain table service "Tobacco Leaf" was even used in the White House and in other government functions.

The "Tobacco Leaf" pattern, incorporates 27 underglaze and enamel colors and gilding in the original plates. This pattern is very colorful and considered the perfect fit for every home or interior. The colors in it represent joy, quality and style. Each shape is made with precision, style and it fits every interior decor, whether it's mid-century, modern, industrial, palm beach chic style, or grandmillennial style, the tobacco leaf fits it all with it's decor design sense.

I designed items that we use daily like placemats, napkins, mug, travel tumbler, apron and other items that we use in our home decor. Therefore it's the perfect gift for yourself or your beloved ones. You can find the entire collection HERE!

This pattern is considered as a mythological bird, phoenix is a symbol of absolute freedom. According to many legends, this is a bird that will never die because it did not eat the forbidden fruits in the Garden of Eden. The bird is a link between heaven and the Earth, it can walk, fly and swim. It is a bird that burns itself to death and emerged from the ashes, thus making itself eternal. Besides eternity, the phoenix is also a symbol of royalty. 

I hope you enjoy this new "Tobacco Leaf" Inspired Print. Click on the picture to see the collection available for sale.

Tobacco Leaf Inspired Print by Diga Linda

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October 13, 2020 — Ceci Mason

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