Welcome to my latest design print release called "Casa Bela". This print has serene blues and is inspired by the tiles in Portugal where I am from. The term "azuleijo" (tile) dates back to the 15th century and it has Arabic meaning "small polished stone" and the art of creating them originally on the Iberian Peninsula started way back with the Arabs.

They brought back the mosaic technique to decorate the walls of their palaces with many intricate geometric patterns which symbolized opulence. The Portuguese were so inspired that they created their own version and by the 16th century, during the "Portuguese discoveries", blue and white became the most popular tiles showcasing important moments in Portugal's history.

Blue and white tiles are not only in my house but their scenes and designs tell a story and they are in private homes, train stations, stairs, inside churches and more. In the center of the tile design you can see the sun shining since it’s sunny 99.99 percent of the days and then you will see the flower petals all around with 4 hearts around meaning the love I have for Portugal and after that you see 4 birds like you would see them flying in the distant sky ( similar to 2 half circles), then a bit of a scroll design with separated elements representing the history of Portugal and some you can also see in the serene blues and white tile hearts, birds and flowers, all the things we love.

So relax with this serene and calming print and bring it home!

Casa Bela Print

The home where I grew up is below and has blue and white tiles all over the kitchen and it’s a classic and timeless design. There are hand painted Portuguese blue and white plates on top of the tiles way out of reach, moms decor, no touching lol!

portuguese home

Here you can see the tea towel. I designed the tiles so that when you fold it and display it you can see the beauty of the entire tiles. You can find it HERE

Casa Bela Tea Towel

Casa Bela Tea Towel

You are going to love this table runner, I use mine in the sunroom and my Serena & Lily chairs match the watercolor blues perfectly! Find several sizes available HERE

Casa Bela Table Runner

I have indoor pillows on the website and more options for this design are possible like outdoor, sizes and inserts. The option with a down insert is available as well. If you need this right away (in another size besides 20"x20" or a different insert from the one I offer, please just reach out). FInd it HERE

Casa Bela Artisan Hand Painted Pillow

Bring these serene and calming blues to someone you care for with these greeting cards. Find them HERE

Casa Bela Greeting Cards

The regular tablecloths (not personalized) are offered in 2 sizes. Find them HERE

Casa Bela Tablecloth

There is an also an opportunity to personalize these as well.  

Personalized Casa Bela Tablecloth

So if you have a birthday, bridal shower, wedding or any other special occasion, I recommend this tablecloth heirloom, find it HERE

Personalized Casa Bela blue and white tablecloth

If you love serene blues and white then this print is for you!  Hand painted by Ceci mason. Find it all in the GIFT SHOP tab and more over there.  Designed and printed in the USA.

Thank you so much for supporting a woman owned business and I wish you all a very wonderful Labor Day Weekend.

Xoxo Ceci Mason 

Artist and founder of Diga Linda 



August 30, 2023 — Cecilia Mason

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