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Meet Allie Amoroso Co-Founder of ROSE Women's Foundation and the amazing things that she is doing. She and I are teaming up during Holy Week coming up and during that entire week, every product that you purchase on Diga Linda, 100% of the proceeds will benefit The ROSE Women's Foundation, use code "ROSE100" at check out to designate your purchase. 

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Allie Amoroso is an impact entrepreneur pioneering new technologies for women’s empowerment in Kenya. Previously she led Oracle’s Startup Accelerator in North America and worked for JP Morgan’s Private Bank. Now, she leads ROSE Women’s Foundation full-time in Nairobi, Kenya working to uplift women and children from poverty through education and sustainable business.

 Why did you start ROSE? I was a student studying social entrepreneurship for women in the slums of Kenya, and wrote a needs assessment for 150 destitute mothers. Women bear an unparalleled burden of poverty, providing for families and running a small business in extreme poverty conditions. The slums of Africa are a hot bed for entrepreneurship with Female entrepreneurship rates in Sub-Saharan Africa are the highest in the world, according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. In Nairobi over 60% of the population live in slums.

 We found that 77% of the women we work with only have a primary school education and we are dedicated to partner with ROSE women to break this cycle of poverty. 100% of ROSE women made less than $1.50/day when we met in 2016.

 Stories like this are the reason I get out of bed in the morning and ultimately why I quit my job and moved to Kenya in August 2018… Cecilia, she and I were both 21 years old when we met in our first interview, she was abused by her uncle until she was 13, dropped out of school and married a man who also abused her living in Nairobi. She had 4 children and her husband left her that morning – she was still sitting in my interview and I couldn’t understand why I had been given so much and she so little. The ROSE women are strong, but we are stronger together. I felt my calling was to support women like Cecilia, the micro-entrepreneurs of the world. Today, all of Cecilia’s children are in school receiving matched school fees and her business will pitch for investment at our first business pitch competition on April 6th.

 What is ROSE today?

Today, ROSE is a US non-profit foundation supporting women and children through education and entrepreneurship in Kenya. ROSE Women Entrepreneurs Program supports 10 small businesses managed by 150 women. Previously destitute and single workers of shanty businesses, ROSE women build business groups to save and support one another in community. We are launching cohort #2 with a rural population of 400 women in the Fall. We do not have a traditional beneficiary relationship, rather we partner with mothers to match school fees for their children, train women’s groups on business skills, and micro-invest capital to grow proven business models. Some of these businesses include selling prepared food, small convenience shops, soap supplier for households and schools, or beadwork sandals.

 We match school fees so that women can focus on building their businesses and savings for the future. By partnering with mothers to educate their kids, we ensure that all children of ROSE receive a fair education and will have greater education opportunities than their mothers. Through school fee matching, we provide 2 meals a day, clean water, and technology classes to over 400 children in the slums of Kenya.

 We invest in sustainable businesses led by women in community. For example, ROSE Water provides clean water to over 600 people a day. ROSE is looking for corporate sponsorships to help build this project into an income generating business model to serve thousands of people daily with access to clean water.

 What makes ROSE Women’s Foundation unique?

We are developing technology and empowering women entrepreneurs to overcome poverty and thrive ahead of the curve. Using Artificial Intelligence we track school fee matching and business growth financials to prove women’s economic empowerment uplifts entire communities through education and entrepreneurship. ROSE women have said,

 “technology has changed my life, we were analog and now we are digital”

“ROSE made us beautiful, now we are one community”

“ROSE taught me how to save and grow my business”

“ROSE gave me the confidence to pay my school fees, so that I can focus on my business”

 How can you support ROSE?

 Buy Diga Linda Products this week!

 Donate on our website to sponsor children’s education and women’s businesses. Only $10 a month provides school fees for a child including 2 meals a day, clean water and technology classes. $50/Month enables ROSE to provide business training to 1 business.

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Thank you Allie! 

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February 01, 2024 — Cecilia Mason

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