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Who else is obsessed with hydrangeas? Many believe that these flowers originated in Japan. In Japan legend has it that the flower became associated gratitude and a heartfelt emotion, an apology after a Japanese emperor gave them to a girls family who he was in love with, to make up for neglecting her in favor of business and how much he cared about her. 

It's hydrangea season and these look so good on an Alfresco Tablescape!


The meaning of Hydrangeas:

  • The pink hydrangeas are associated with genuine and sincere emotions of the meaning of love and symbolize true feelings making them a great fit for spring and summer table arrangements or wedding bouquets because of their shape resembling a heart! 
  • Hydrangeas come in different shades of blue, pink, green, white and purple.
  • Hydrangeas are associated with an apology since they go back to ancient history of that legend where the emperor earned forgiveness by offering these flowers. So when you owe someone a sincere apology, you can convey your feelings by offering them and arrangement of blue hydrangeas.
  • The flower has many meanings, from heartfelt emotion to boastfullness, to gratitude. Each culture has their own interpretation of the flower according to their stories and beliefs.
  • Green hydrangeas can show your appreciation of the deep connection you hold with a friend while these flowers convey sincere emotions and deep understanding so if you have a friend's birthday coming up, then you can give them these wishing them prosperity and good health. 
  • Victorians considered white hydrangeas as a negative plant used for boastfulness, bragging or vanity. Since they produce massive flowers but very few seeds, these magnificent blooms were also given to women who turned down the man's love interest as signs that they were cold or frigid. So women who grew these in their gardens were thought to be unlikely to find a romantic companionship.
  • If you have a friend who is going through a difficult time, you can give the purple hydrangeas since these convey a deep understanding. 
  • Alabama designated the hydrangea as the state's official flower in 1999.

Follow these steps to prolong the beauty of your cut hydrangeas:

  • Once you cut the blooms outdoors, place them directly in a bucket with water, once they are inside boil a pot of water. Remove it from the heat, cut the hydrangea to the right length and place them in the water for 30 seconds. Use alum to help preserve the hydrangeas by cutting stems to length dip the end of each stem into about 1/2 inch of alum powder them place them in the vase in room temperature water. OR if you don't want to use alum, put one table spoon of bleach (to kill bacteria and one tablespoon of sugar ( to feed the blooms) into the vase and mix with water, then add the flowers.
  • Revive wilted hydrangeas, change the water and use the boiling water method above. 

Hydrangea Uses:

  • The leaves of the hydrangeas are poisonous if ingested because they contain cyanoecic glycosides which release dydrongen cyanhide when chewed, however the roots ar used for medicinal purposes. Hydrangea root can be used as an antioxidant and is also used to treat kidney problems.
  • This beautiful flower is a favorite among florists and home gardeners everywhere! Because they produce magnificent large blooms and beauty, they are great to use in many different occasions, including heartfelt moments, apologies and thanks.

Hydrangeas facts:

  • The name hydrangea comes from the Greek words hydros, meaning water, and angos meaning jar, which makes sense since these flowers require so much water. However if you water too much, you can kill these flowers. The signs of watering are yellowing of the leaves, wilting, leaves falling off or slow growth.
  • Hydrangeas bloom in different formations. The most popular is the mophead hydrangeas whose flowers grow in big ball clusters. Panicle hydrangeas which grow well in cold climates have flowers that grow in cone-shaped clusters. Lacecap hydrangeas, which grow well in the shade, have clusters of tiny blooms and larger blooms.
  • Hydrangeas are often given o the 4th wedding anniversaries to symbolize appreciation and heartfelt emotion.
  • The largest diversity of hydrangeas species exists in eastern Asia which includes Japan China, and Korea.

For the love of hydrangeas

Maybe you did not realize that hydrangea colors had so many specific meanings but these brilliant blooms are highly commendable to give to someone since they convey so many sentiments. Whether you choose to give them as a plant or floral arrangement to a friend, your recipient will surely appreciate and admire your magnificent blooms! 

White hydrangea tablecloths by Diga  Linda


Delicious soup to feed a crowd!

This family recipe that I am sharing with you is not only delicious but very healthy. We call it "Sopa de Legumes" back in Portugal and the veggies are made into a creamy and smooth soup. It's quick to make (less than 30 minutes) and you can make ahead as well. It's great from the freezer as well! It pairs really well with any sandwich, salad or any meal. 

You will absolutely love this soup!

Portuguese Vegetable Soup


6 tablespoons of olive oil

1 leek (or you can substitute for 1 medium onion)

5 large potatoes cut into pieces

5 large carrots cut into pieces

salt and pepper to taste

1 lb or spinach (optional)

5 cups of vegetable broth ( or water)

In a large pot (or dutch oven), place all the items except half of the spinach and cook until all is translucent and the vegetables are tender.

Remove from heat and puree with an hand blender until all is blended. 

Return to heat and stir in the other half of the spinach (which was optional) until it's cooked, it should take about 5 minutes and you are all done!

In Portugal we eat vegetable soup about 99% before any meal, it's very healthy and delicious. I hope you enjoy it! 


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