Hello dear friends, I have been asked to share my story with you, so here are some news about me that you may not know, so I am sharing.

It’s been nearly 30 years that I moved from Portugal to the United States following my sister and my dreams of getting a college education, becoming an artist, and a US citizen. I accomplished all three and I want to share my designs and dreams with you! I’m Ceci Mason - short for Cecilia and I am the founder of Diga Linda. I am a self-taught artist and have been sharing my passion for art and crafts with friends, family, church, the boys and girl scouts for so long that it was time to launch my own gift business - so I did! I waited (worked) for this opportunity for 20 years and now have over 20K people following me and my work across social media platforms. I might be old fashioned but I also love meeting people in person so I get to do that through craft fairs and shows in the Maryland area where I reside with my family. My next show is at Landon school in December and I am currently designing a lot of products related to the school like bears and school buildings. 


I listen to what customers’ want through their feedback on my Insta feed @diga_linda  and other social media platforms. I recently I expanded my online business beyond stationary. I now sell pillows, phone cases, mugs and other unique gift items. I am also under diga_linda (which by the way means “say beautiful”) on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Here are my links where all my unique products reside:


You Tube 






Sharing my work and putting a little sunshine in peoples lives is what drives me.

Would you share the word about my site? I would love to keep the momentum going!


Adeus and see you soon!


Thank you for stopping by and have a  nice day,

Ceci Mason


October 11, 2018 — Cecilia Mason

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