How to clean silver:

Silver is one of the most precious metals on earth right next to gold! Jewelry, coins, flatware, so many things contain silver and when this beautiful element is cleaned it reflects it's luster and beauty!

Believe it or not the Egyptians used to prize silver over gold! Silver begins to tarnish as soon as it is exposed to air and then it becomes dull and discolored! One of the keys to cleaning silver is that you never want to scrub with carbon fiber cloth as these will cause permanent damage, use a microfiber instead. Also never put your silver in the dishwasher! 

There is a very simple way to clean silver and it just takes a piece of aluminum foil, soap and water!

- Place a piece of foil inside a bowl ( I actually put a couple of pieces of foil inside a big pot or use a foil tray (some people wrap their silver in the foil because it needs to touch it).

- Put boiling water and baking soda inside the bowl (for each cup of water add one tablespoon of baking soda).

- Add the silver 

- Let silver touch the aluminum foil and let it work (about 10 minutes) or it could be done faster than that, check it! Mine on the video below took only seconds (hope you have instagram, if not comment below and I will see if I can get another way to show you the video)!

- Unwrap the silver (if you wrapped it). You will see that the tarnish has transferred to the foil!

- Take it out, rinse with soap and water then clean with microfiber cloth.

To Watch the video click picture above or go HERE

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