This Valentine's is fast approaching and I would like to share a darling craft with you. I used the Blue Hydrangeas tablecloth for this project and the pink hydrangeas go here perfectly!

Start by getting some wine glasses (you can find them at the dollar store along with the doilies), turn one upside down and draw a circle around it. Then cut out the paper circle, draw a heart and place it inside the wine glass. All you have to do is insert the flowers inside and style them on top of the table, enjoy! 


floral craft alfresco by Diga Linda

 "Just living is not much have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower."

~ Hans Christian Andersen


Hydrangeas Floral Craft Alfresco by Diga Linda


In early Spring a profusion of hydrangea blossoms in lilac and pink start to form! 


Hydrangeas Floral Craft Alfresco by Diga Linda

 Gather some flowers from your garden.

Hydrangeas Floral Craft Alfresco by Diga Linda

Fill a basket with fresh-cut stems to adorn your tablescape and gift friends the wine glass with the blooms at the end of the lunch so they can take it home.

Hydrangeas Floral Craft Alfresco by Diga Linda

How darling is that look? Your guests will be delighted, they will love these floral beauties!

Hydrangeas Floral Craft Alfresco by Diga Linda


If you add one tablespoon of bleach and one tablespoon of sugar your flowers will last almost one month as long as they are in room temperature (on the cool side) and to ensure that, change the water and clip the ends diagonally.

doily with a heart

You can draw hearts for Valentines on the doilies. For St. Patricks you can put a little clover in there etc, love this so much! This idea is perfect for indoors or outdoors.

Hydrangeas Floral craft alfresco by Diga Linda

When Mother Nature blesses you with an overabundance of beautiful flowers, I make a list of who will be getting these delightful blooms before they get spots on them! If I keep cutting them, they will keep on blooming until November!

Hydrangeas Floral craft alfresco by Diga Linda

You can find peace in flowers with these soothing and tranquil colors, such as blues, lavenders and pale pinks that you see here. Flowers are also symbols of friendship, love and affection. Just by looking at them, one feels joy and more relaxed.

Hydrangeas Floral craft alfresco by Diga Linda

My pup Chloe sometimes pops up in my pictures, lol!

How pretty is this "Blue Hydrangeas" tablecloth that I painted entirely by hand? Click the button below to see tablecloths and table runners in the store.


Today I did a fabulous collaboration with some friends and we had an amazing guest "The Flower Magazine" click the picture to see it!

Hydrangeas Floral craft alfresco by Diga Linda

Below are the friends that joined me today and of course our guest on Valentine's Eve. "The Flower Magazine!"

🌸🌸🌸 Today I’ve joined a few talented friends for #tablesharetuesday AND we have an awesome guest! 🌸 Please visit their feeds below to see all of their beautiful tables:

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Hydrangeas make people happy, lifts up their spirits and express sentiments of gratitude. Read about the symbolism of hydrangeas HERE.

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Rose Bows Instant download by Diga Linda


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Painting Grace by Ceci Mason

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February 12, 2024 — Cecilia Mason

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