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Ever since I got my new stove top, I have been asked where I got it and all the details about it!

I have to say that I was fortunate to find someone who actually builds these from scratch and although my stove is a standard size, I was able to customize the color and that made my day!

I not only can have more room in my kitchen to display my home decor, but the stove is an ideal place for me to display the tea towels that I hand illustrate/paint and sell on my booth and online on my website!

Therefore whenever I am advertising a new design and I style it on my stove, people ask me about it, so I decided to do a blog on it. If you can please comment on it (by clicking on the blog you will see an area to comment)!

The color of my stove top goes with my kitchen home decor and when I have people visiting (mostly on the weekends), I flip the tray upside down and use it as a charcuterie board! It's big and it fits beautifully on top of my island! 

It makes me feel like I have a really cleaned and organized kitchen displaying my Royal Chinoiserie Tea Towel on the stove handle and when I display the tray on top of the stove, and it's truly a statement piece, I am absolutely in love with  it!  

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I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I don't make or sell these, but HERE is the link where you can buy it! Please let me know if you have any questions, I hope this helps you get yours in the color that you like!

Royal Chinoiserie blue and white tea towel


Stove top with Diga Linda Napkins

Stove top with Diga Linda Napkins

Stove top with Diga Linda Napkins

Stove top with Diga Linda Napkins


Stove top with Diga Linda Napkins


Stove top tray


I styled it with my "Vincentina Coast " napkins here but you can use a tea towel as well!

We were having friends over for burgers and I just placed everything on the tray before taking it outdoors. If you are interested in seeing any other tea towels, please go HERE

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xo Ceci, artist and founder of Diga Linda

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