Valentine's Day is an opportunity to spread love! This day can actually mean different things to different people. Typically people celebrate the day with their significant other, but they also celebrate this day with friends, it's an opportunity to show appreciation, gratitude and affection to those who deserve it.

Valentines Day at Diga Linda

More often than not, people tend to gift material items like roses, chocolates or stuffed animals to show their love, but it's not just about gifts, it's about showing their feelings towards the people that they love.

🎀 I actually have a gift for you, so keep reading it's at the end of the blog. 🎀

You don't have to be in a relationship to celebrate the holiday. Love  and affection can be displayed in so many different ways.  

❤️ Here are some ideas to celebrate this holiday with the ones you love.❤️

  • Host a Paint and Sip Party - You and your Galentine's will get to try their hand at painting in canvas while sipping wine or another fun beverage. There will be plenty of laughs as talent is revealed
  • Go to an Estate Sale together
  • Have a game night
  • Movie night ~ Watch a movie together ( Galentine's can watch some series of the "The Gilded Age") and enjoy a charcuterie night spread with different cheeses, meats, jams and other accouterments to enjoy. A little wine to pair these is also welcome.
  • Have a Fondue Night with cheese or chocolate. You can either have salty snacks to dip on your melted cheese or have fruit to dip on your melted chocolate.
  • Go to an Afternoon Tea together at a local tea room for an elegant and fun experience with your friends. You get to dress up for this hour of treats, refreshments, friendships and bliss.
  • Bring your friend a flour bouquet with a personal note, everyone loves flowers.
  • Write them a card with a personal note.
  • Give them a gift certificate so they can get pampered. That could be at a spa, nail salon or their hairdresser.
  • Give a coffee Gift Card

Now looking at some gifts: when I designed this print, I had in mind all the lady friends that are in my life, supporting me, cheering me in my live and inspiring me with their actions and love. I felt that this design represented everything that women love like the flowers (these roses will never expire), heart (love), bow, topiary and blue and white a timeless color combo of blue and white that is a classic design. 

Valentine's Day is a holiday that can be celebrated with everyone around you that you love, so make them feel loved, you know that you are loved as well.💖

Carefully painted and illustrated entirely by hand in the USA, this design incorporates so many lovely and familiar symbols. The "Roses and Bow Topiary" pillow is carefully sewn in the USA as well. It also comes with a zipper. I hope you love it as much as I enjoyed designing it. 

Roses Bow Topiary Pillow by Diga Linda 

You can also get this darling design in a fine art print.

Roses Bow Topiary Fine Art Print

How darling are these napkins? It's a set of 2!

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Roses and Bow topiaries by Diga LInda

Rose Bows Print by Diga Linda

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It's a darling iPhone wallpaper download filled with bows and love! 

Rose Bows Bible verse Instant download by Diga Linda


Do you have any ideas, what is your favorite thing to do on Valentine's | Galentine's Day? Please share in comments below, I would love to know.

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February 02, 2024 — Cecilia Mason


Alyson said:

So sweet! I just love my bows tablecloth! 💕🎀

Marie Paule Lancup said:

Dear Ceci, thank you for the fun ideas and the lovely print! The only reason I’m not signing up to your blog is that with my current social media, my job as a realtor, plus caring for my 91 year old mom, I have no time left! Have a wonderful day, dear friend x

Katie said:

Beautiful! I love the bow print 🎀
-Katie (@CachepotsandCaftans)

Bonnie B said:

Perfect for my phone as is the Corinthians verse! TL

Mary Alice said:

I love the sweet pink bow print and your topiary Valentine design is beautiful and timeless 💕
Thank you & keep these wonderful designs coming.
XO Mary Alice. {@maryalice.home }

Rosa Pinto said:

I am in love…
So beautiful dear Cici💝🌸👌

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